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Author. Food enthusiast. Part-time cat.

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Hey! How are you? My name's Phenice. I live in New York.


...with these guys:












After years of working at MTV, I founded the socially conscious production company Songbird Cinema. Creating culturally diverse media has always been a special interest of mine. Finding out that I also had the skillset to do it as an author was just sort of a happy accident.


Yet, I enjoyed writing The Phoenix Rising - Destiny Calls (as well as producing and directing the soon-to-be released trailers) as much as I enjoy spending time with my family, dressing up for Star Trek conventions (LLAP), and just generally enjoying life!


Some may know that the title of my book was derived from the name my parents gave me:

Phenice (A biblical spelling of Phoenix).

You should also know that The Phoenix Rising - Destiny Calls was inspired by global events, which is why I urge you to support organizations like Restore International and UNICEF.


Well, that's it for now :)


I hope to see you in Ipharadisi!

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